Thursday, July 1, 2010

The news is out

Yep, that beautiful little pic above says it all :)

A couple of weeks ago Just Add Ink put out a call for more Design Team members so I put together a bio, with some trepidation, and sent it off. A week later I got an email back titled "sorry" (now someone at Just Add Ink obviously has a cheeky sense of humour!! - Amanda, Danielle who's going to fess up). I looked at that and thought oh well you can only try - right! Only to open it up and find it continue with took me so long but we'd like you to join to Design Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WoooHooo - how exciting was that - and still is. I've enjoyed starting to get to know the other team members over the last week and am really looking forward to joining them soon with my own DT contributions.

So don't forget to drop past Just Add Ink every Friday to see what fabulous challenge has gone up.

Thanks for visiting and sharing the news,



  1. Yay! A big congrats is being sent your way! Looking forward to fun times ahead!

  2. Congratulations Kim! Lots of fun to look forward to :o)

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  4. Congratulations and am I looking forward to working with you on the JAI Design Team. (typo in previously left comment!)

  5. So happy and excited for you sweet Kim!! YAY! YAY! YAY!! I really look forward to seeing your AMAZING cards!! Love your work! Congrat's!
    Smiles SHarnee :0)

  6. Welcome to the team Kim! We can't wait to see what you create for the first challenge (and the many to follow!) p.s. it was me with the bad sense of humor - sorry!! (pun intended)

  7. Hey Kim - this is AWESOME NEWS!!! YOU GO GIRL! LOL

    Thanks for your beautiful comments on my blog and my return to blogging. It feels good to be back!


  8. Congratulations Kim! Your work is just gorgeous and I look forward to seeing your designs every Friday!
    Kirsty xx

  9. Wishing you a huuuuuuuuuge belated congratulations! I know your creations will be totally fabulous. Hugs, Di


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